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When choosing a destination event location or service there potentially are many choices on the market. Building the right relationship with someone you can trust to ensure your best level of service and entertainment is left to a few. Private Key has the contacts, relationships and staff that makes accommodating our clients a pleasure.
Our clients approach us for organizing their accommodation from mansion rentals to hotel suites. We have an extensive network with home owners, condo owners and our selected hotel partners. These relationships allow for faster service and better prices for our clients.
Every trip might have either a lot of moving parts and choreography from pick ups drop offs reservations and customized services. We truly enjoy catering to a discerning client and up for the challenge. We have a fleet of exotic cars, yachts and limousines that allow for a very bespoke package to be catered to.
Accommodation options range by a variety of tastes of our clients. We have a long list of mansions available for our clients. Please choose from an option of waterfront and non waterfront homes, boat dock, swimming pool, tennis court and options of 3-12 bedroom homes.
Condos are available from studios to 5 bedrooms. Condo buildings have different amenities, that make them attractive most obviously is the view. Looking out at a beautiful ocean, bay or city view. Different sport classes, gym, indoor and outdoor pools are available for the athletic healthy conscious. Restaurant and bar service on premises makes dining and entertaining a convenient solution.
Our Private Key clients whether corporate or private take advantage of our event production team. We have the full staff and experience to put together branding events, weddings, birthdays, charity events and luxury minded events to name a few.
Our VIP nightlife staff will make sure you are in a no wait no line direct access to your table. Whether you are a celebrity, person of influence or the average Joe or Jane when you are a Private Key client we extend every courtesy to your treatment. If you prefer anonymity or would like to be showcased please let us know your preference and we will oblige. 
Private Key is here to help with every aspect of your trip from private security, to personal massage therapists we look forward to having you as our guests and making sure all the doors are opened for you. Please inquire about our Membership packages.

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